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Over the past two decades, Ilan has earned an excellent reputation as a college preparatory yeshiva high school with a rigorous and individualized academic program, a profoundly meaningful spiritual approach, and a rich, exciting complement of athletics, fine arts, and extracurricular programming. To walk through the halls of Ilan is to walk through a place of effort and achievement, of growth and meaning, of joy and camaraderie. The Ilan vision is guided by three themes that infuse all aspects of school life: Knowledge, Inspiration, and Community. In our highly interactive and engaging classes, Ilan students master the skills and knowledge across the disciplines to prepare them for success in higher education and the professional arena, while gifting them with the wisdom to make informed decisions in an ever-changing world.

Our unique spiritual philosophy, guided by the insightful leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Diamond, provides a wellspring of inspiration for growth in Torah, mitzvot, and midot, in which each student progresses at her own pace in an atmosphere suffused with respect and devoid of pressure. And finally, our student council and chessed programs, annual Shabbaton retreat, academic clubs and leagues, athletic teams, performances and outings, big/little sister events, and inter-school competitions foster a sense of community defined by camaraderie, teamwork, and sensitivity to others.

Our Mission

Ilan High School is committed to its mission to imbue its students with Torah knowledge so every graduate will be dedicated to the ideals of the Torah, possessing exemplary moral conduct and a spiritual bond with the land and people of Israel. A superior academic program is critical to Ilan’s success as are the values it imparts. The Ilan High School student is offered a rigorous academic program in an intimate environment which respects the individuality of each student academically, personally, and spiritually. Ilan High School is devoted to offering every student the support and opportunity she will need to flourish and continue on to higher education and a future contributing to society with her unique gifts. The Ilan High School teacher possesses superior academic credentials and serves as a paradigm of personal integrity who is committed to meeting the individual needs of students. Ilan High School programming promotes a broadening of horizons, an opportunity for personal growth, and the infusion of the confidence born of strong character and the sensitivity to the unique role of a woman in the Jewish community and the world at large


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