Extracurricular Programs

Our extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to enhance the academic program at Ilan with the belief that education takes place in every aspect of life. Our students choose from a wide array of activities that are rich with opportunity for adventure, exploration, and self-discovery. 

Pre-med Society

The medical field is replete with opportunities for rewarding and rich careers. Ilan students considering futures in medicine participate monthly in any one of the following: tours of medical facilities, guest lecture series, and other programs geared towards an understanding of the possibilities and advances in medicine, dentistry and the therapies.

Math Competition

The Michlala College of Jerusalem sponsors an international competition in which participating yeshiva high school students are tested with the application of their knowledge of math and logic to a series of math tasks. Ilan students enjoy a challenge and hence many students look forward to participation in the program. Students achieving the highest national scores may be invited to the international finals in Jerusalem.


NORPAC’s Mission to Washington is an annual event where close to a thousand citizen activists come to Washington, DC in order to advocate for a stronger U.S. - Israel relationship with members of Congress. Mission attendants arrive at the Washington Convention Center where they attend a brief plenary session with presentations by Congressional leadership. Afterwards, individuals converge to their assigned groups- usually of 4-6 people- and meet with Members of Congress and their staff to discuss this year’s talking points regarding pressing legislation on U.S. Israeli concerns. The event wraps up the same day in the early evening. Ilan’s NORPAC club will meet once a month to gain awareness of Israel- U.S. concerns. Students who attend this club will be invited to join the mission to Washington. NORPAC welcomes students accompanied by a legal guardian if under the age of 18. It is a unique experience for all ages as well as educational and inspirational!

Mock Trial

Law comes to life when students can actually experience the proceedings of a court. In a program sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association, students from across the state come to together to present their best defense or prosecution. After months of preparation, Ilan students will be counted amongst the hundreds of participants and will be counted upon to serve as witnesses, jury participants and lawyers.

Torah Bowl

Torah Bowl participants compete against regional yeshiva high schools in a competition that combines a breadth and depth of understanding in Tanach with an emphasis on selected commentaries. For the motivated student, this challenge provides additional opportunities to master Tanach beyond the constraints of a high school curriculum.

Book Club

The Book Club, initiated by our students, began with the goal of helping students develop into more willing, engaged, and strategic readers. Students opting to join the book club meet once a month to discuss a book they have chosen. Discussions are moderated by a teacher mentor who guides the discussion toward identifying themes, character’s motives and the message the author is trying to convey to the reader.

Debate Team

Ilan students know how to support their opinions with evidence. The true test for their prowess comes across when they participate in a debate. Public speaking, research and the art of presenting a salient argument all come together in the preparation for a debate. Ilan High School is proud to participate in a yeshiva high school girls’ league.


(Dance Competition)- For the student who enjoys the orchestration of movement, participation in the regional yeshiva high school Rekudiah contest is an attraction. Additional opportunities for performance are an integral part of the extracurricular experience at Ilan.

Snowtubing Trip

Monday, March 4th

Health Week

February 18th- 22nd