The overarching importance is to inspire our students to develop genuine relationships with God and man to live a life focused on spirituality and altruism. Single gender education is critical in fostering the confidence necessary to be a successful woman in the Jewish and greater community. Students are our first priority. We take a holistic approach to their education, tapping into academic and personal growth. Every decision and action is based solely on the needs of the students.  In the importance of supporting the learning community by fostering open and direct communication, establishing trust and collaboration, and providing our school family of administration, faculty, students, parents, and community with the avenues to accomplish goals for student success.

All students can learn, and we must be sensitive to the diversity of their learning styles and developmental levels and differentiate our instruction and offerings accordingly.Extra Curricular offerings enhance the development of the individual socially and academically while enhancing school and community relationships. Through experiences in programs such as  sports, art, drama, and athletic clubs, students will explore their interests and develop their talents beyond the routine education program.The alliance of home, school, and community promotes student success. Everyone concerned with the child’s development has a crucial role in this partnership.Continuous assessment of student progress, along with state benchmarks, drives all decisions regarding instruction and implementation of curricular goals.The importance of developing relationships with our students will help every student build the resilience necessary to navigate challenges.

Our goal is to develop a student with strong moral fiber who has mastery of our academic goals which are integrity, responsibility and respect, the Ilan High School’s pillars of code of conduct. High expectations combined with a positive and caring environment challenges students to reach their individual potential. Due to the needs of our ever changing society, education is an innovative evolving process that should include basic skills, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution and proactive problem solving. 

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