Letter from our Principals

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We hope to have the pleasure of hosting you at one of our open house events in the future, and introducing you in person to the innovative curricula, exciting programs, and the exceptional teachers and students who comprise the Ilan learning community. At Ilan, we take pride in offering a challenging and stimulating academic program in a warm, nurturing environment under the inspired direction of Rabbi Shlomo Diamond.

The Torah Studies program at Ilan is designed to touch the heart as well as the mind, with a four-year program of Tanach, Jewish Thought, Halachah, Hebrew Language and Jewish History, taught by dedicated staff members who are true role models for the young women of Ilan. A strong connection to the land and people of Israel permeates our Torah studies and chessed programs, culminating in an exceptional graduation trip to Israel during the senior year.

Our commitment to the intellectual mastery of the natural sciences and secular disciplines is reflected in the level of General Studies classes through the four years of high school. Students may opt for honors level courses in all core subjects, and AP and college level classes beginning in freshman year. A minor course schedule of art, technology, and athletics complements and enhances the academic program. Through our middle college partnership with a prestigious New Jersey university, Ilan honors students are able to graduate with a full year of college completed! A comprehensive college guidance program works with students throughout their four years to optimize the education experience and ensure that over 90 percent of our students are accepted into their first choice colleges and universities!

Extracurricular and enrichment activities are a key part of the Ilan experience, as well. The Ilan students, many of whom travel from various Jersey communities and from as far away as Brooklyn, NY, love to be here! Our school calendar is punctuated with trips, Shabbatonim, Yimei Iyun, guest speakers, clubs, chagigotchessed activities, parent-daughter events, yearbook and Torah Bowl meetings, basketball games, and school play practice. Ilan is a place of learning, growth, and joy, and within the broad range of activities and course offerings, each student has an opportunity to shine.

We encourage you to preview our school video which provides a wonderful glimpse into Ilan High School. A high school student will spend 300,000 minutes in high school: why not spend ten minutes watching the linked video and explore a wonderful option? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit.


Hena S. Diamond


Molly Hazan 

Vice Principal