An Ilan Graduate 

The Ilan High School graduate leaves our school prepared to assume her place as a productive and
focused member of society. She will graduate with a sense of purpose and a strong self awareness
having been nurtured to focus on her capacity for growth, intellectually, socially and personally. The Ilan
High School graduate recognizes her strengths and understands her responsibility to persevere to
achieve her goals to strengthen herself and her community.


The Ilan High School graduate possesses foundational academic skills and the ability to access,
synthesize, and apply new knowledge to continue on and successfully meet the expectations of higher
education. She will possess critical thinking and problem solving skills to guide her to make proper
choices in all of life’s decisions.

The Ilan High School graduate will achieve proficiency in the core areas of the following academic

English- She will develop proficiency in reading, writing, critical analysis of many genres of literature. Our
students will be able to think critically and communicate effectively.

History- She will possess a broad base of historical knowledge and the ability think critically about
contemporary events.

Math- She will be able to think critically, problem solve, and practically apply mathematical concepts to
real world application.

Science-She will acquire the skill and understanding in the principles of scientific inquiry and exploration.
Graduates of Ilan High School are collaborative workers who employ appropriate communicative and
leadership skills to be productive contributors in a variety of settings.

Graduates will exhibit character values in the areas of respect, responsibility and integrity; traits that will
shape her interactions with others, and the three pillars of our school’s code of conduct.

She will demonstrate a strong sense of community and will seek ways to better the world around her
recognizing that she has a valuable role to play in the world.

She will possess the self awareness and self confidence to carry her spiritual beliefs with conviction
wherever life will take her. Her moral fiber will guide her every act and her every decision. The Judaic

Studies classes will inculcate a deep belief in Hashem, an appreciation for the unique relationship
between G-d, His Torah, and the Land and People of Israel.